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Bergman Development Services offers complete development scope of services for real estate development., real estate acquistion and asset development.  Every project project Bergman Development Services benefits from more than 35 years of experience in real estate development and construction. Our team of development specialist has a solid reputation for providing “Clientele” with creative and innovative solutions that
allow those “Clients” to achieve the maximum return on investment and the most value from their real estate assets. We strive to ensure your current and future projects are a rewarding and successful experience.

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Predevelopment / Due Dilligence:

  • Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies / Reports
  • Aquistions Review and Analysis
  • Architectural, Engineering and Consultant Team Management
  • GMP / Contractor Bid Management

Construction / Owner Representation:

  • Scheduling
  • Site Inspections / Construction Conformance
  • Architectural and Engineering Oversight
  • Value Engineering / Potential Cost Savings to the “Client”

Sales and Leasing (Real Estate & Property Management) – Internal Sister Company “Mission Real Estate Group, Inc.”:

  • Analytic Assesments of Real Estate
  • Commercial & Residential Asset Management – Sales and Leasing Specialist
  • Management strategy focused on long term Value and an associated Exit Strategy 
  • Reporting and Property Reccomendations for the Highest & Best Use

Site Inspection:

  • State of Compliance, Environmental Mitigation / Reccomendations
  • Project Quality Control & Saftey
  • Value / Moral in the Work Place
  • Site Logistics / Security
  • Underground Utility Location Services and Type of Service

Review of all Condtions of Approvals & Construction Documents:

  • Review of all “Client” supplied documents and reports
  • Review and Reccomendation of Current Zoning VS. Potential Zoning
  • Overview of all “Consultant Team” provided Drawings and Collected Data
  • Includes Overview of, Structural, MEP, and Fire Life Saftey Design

Review of Contractor Documents:

  • GMP / Construction Contracts
  • Budget Forecasting
  • Lien Releases and Insurance Certificates
  • Tade Contracts and Schedule of Values
  • Request for Information Logs & Project Bulletins
  • Schedules
  • Outstanding Payments to Contractors, Consultants, and Vendors
  • Building Permits and Department of Building & Safety Reconsiderations
  • Construction Sign Offs and Certificates of Substantial & Occupancy

Financial Analysis:

  • Estimates of Cost and Schedule to complete the Project as Designed
  • Financial Project Development Cost Matrix – Development related potential Cost Impacts
  • Financial Pro-Forma based on Lender’s Payments to date and Cost to Complete
  • Analysis to illustrate yield based on Cost to Complete and a Range of Projected Revenue
  • Analysis to Reposition assets based on market conditions including estimated Soft and Hard Cost to achieve Repositioning



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